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Food On Purpose! was created in 2007 with a clear intent to create unique, delicious products that cater to the Gluten-free, organic, raw snack & all-natural community; however, everyone, in EVERY category seems to Love Our Products!

Food on Purpose! Is committed to bringing you 100% Organic, raw, vegetarian snacks and products,
(many including Superfoods) that use the highest quality, organic ingredients.

Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Food On Purpose! is a member of the 1% for the Planet organization.
You can be certain that when you purchase our products, you not only purchase something that's good
for you, for your health and well-being, but you'll be giving back to the planet!

We believe that living a life filled with intentional choices is the best way
to live.
Food On Purpose! - Intentional Choices, Powerful Foods.